Jackie Blue Brogno-Weddell is a mixed-media sculpture artist and performer.

Born in Ann Arbor Michigan on 7/17/01, Jackie has always exhibited a desire to create. Exploring painting and pop art as a child, she became profficient in those mediums. Encouraged by teacher Theresa Erickson, Jackie featured her paintings at art fairs selling out every summer! Sharing art with the community and world around her continues to be a passion.

Moving into highschool, Jackie immersed herself in the visual arts. By day she studied under Michael Benedict, falling in love with the tactility and abstract potential of clay. By night, she headed the costumes department of her highschool’s theatre guild, desgining and constructing garments for eight different plays.

Being both a leader and dreamer made this position natural for her. After realizing her interest in creating clothing, she moved out east to attend a small liberal arts school in the Hudson Valley. During those four years, Jackie created stunning performance art pieces, put on her very first (and the college’s first) runway showcase, and worked with the college to create artistic works displayed around campus.

Co-teaching a studio arts course with professor Ellen Driscoll in 2022, Jackie fell in love with other forms of textile art existing outside of sewing. After unlocking this tactile obsession, she never turned back. Textiles coupled with the quality of sculpture have been focuses of her work as of recent. 

Jackie loves spending time with her dogs, and is currently expanding her business, @Havingfunandplayingames on Instagram. She is an instructor at the Michigan Folk School where she teaches crochet. In the future she looks to attend an MFA program where she can continue to hone her craft and receive a teaching degree.