Acrylic, cotton, screen printing paint

This stop motion short film documents the installation of fifteen crocheted posters screen printed with the image of a young Lady Gaga on them in blue. This appropriated image symbolizes myself at my core, an embryo basking in her own potential like Lady Gaga did before her explosion of fame. The physical resemblance between me and the image validates this self-seeing.

These posters are first installed as a collection on the side of my house, viewing my direct community for the duration of a week. They are later installed individually at specific sites in and around the city of Ann Arbor permanently. These locations are decided from the deep feelings and memories that I associate with them.

The act of posting information on wooden telephone poles is one that evokes communal connection without technology. I’m choosing to use this same mode of communication to translate and infuse my art into the minds and environments of my community members. The art in question looks at the viewer as they are looking at it and is reminiscent of the feeling of being seen by the surplus of shrines and altars housing pictorials of Mother Maria in Southern Italy.
This film and installation are my most recent creations. The film includes a rendition of Depeche Mode’s, “Enjoy The Silence” played by me on the cello