Tapestries For Sale,               

This installation, Tapestries for Sale, is a part of the ongoing process of selling my textile art through installation. I have been crocheting for four years now and have been creating these specific types of tapestries for two. They are meant to be hung on the wall, draped from the ceiling, or worn on your back! The ones that are stretched onto the side of my house were the products of this past summer and were installed to coincide with the annual bloom of my property’s clematis flowers.

My method of creating a catalog-like display for my art has been a throughline in my artistic process. It is meant for the viewer to see, simply, everything I have created in a collection and to choose which item they might consume through purchase. I do not plan out how I am to arrange the individual pieces of said collection, but rather spontaneously add on to the “canvas” until the picture is whole.

This installation has brought a new aspect of recognition to my art, which is the ability for my neighbors, my momentary community, to be able to walk and enjoy this piece in person. I have received an abundance of love, gratitude and feedback from them about this installation.

I like to sell my art in order for it to have an afterlife, a home outside of mine and an ability to travel. This type of fulfillment is clearly seen when selling wearable art in that when I have done so in the past, my heart is filled with pride and joy when I see individuals walking around, sporting my art on their body. With these tapestries, although wearability on the body is an option, I would love for them to be worn by the houses, by the rooms, and by the ceilings of their viewers.


Crocheted Tapestries ranging from $50-$500 in price

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